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JStorr Events Code of Conduct

We strive to put on professional, fun, and festive events. As such, we require the following from our exhibitors:

1.If you are in need of the Temporary Vendors Permit form for KY, you can download it here.  Please contact the KY DOR for instructions on how to complete it.  

2.You agree to conduct yourself as an adult at all times.

3.You agree to be courteous to your fellow exhibitors. Please keep your items in the space allotted.

4.In an effort to keep a positive atmosphere, please do not become obtuse or argumentative if your sales are slow or traffic is not what you expect. The coordinators have no control over weather, foot traffic, or sales.

5.You are responsible for any guests that you bring. Please keep an eye on your children.

6.As stated in the contract, we are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

7.The event begins at the time stated on the application.  If you are not in place at that time, your space will be forfeited.

8.Early breakdowns are not permitted.

Violation of any of the aforementioned items will result in forfeiture of your space and any fees paid. You will also be banned from participating in any future JStorr Events.  

Thank you. 

Jocelyn Storr, Event Coordinator